Septeto Santiaguero Wins Second Latin Grammy Award

Santiago de Cuban, Nov 24 (Prensa Latina) “Every award, every achievement that Septeto Santiaguero (SS) gets is also for this city,” the group’s director, Fernando Dewar, said after returning from the United States, where they won their second Latin Grammy Award of the five consecutive nominations.

Once again, the tres player thanked Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales (Egrem), the musical legacy of the city and all those who contributed to this award, which they won in the tropical-traditional category with the CD ‘A mi Qué-Tributo a los Clásicos Cubanos’.

Dewar referred to the commitment resulting from the name of the musical group and the intention to give the people of Santiago de Cuba a great concert, with the expected participation of the Cuban and foreign artists who collaborated in the record, including the Dominican singer Jose Alberto El Canario.

‘It is the result of many hours of work, efforts, demand and dedication, searching for the sonorous patrimony of the country’, added Dewar, who was also the producer. He noted the presence in the record of members of the Oriente Symphony Orchestra, Alejandro Almenares, rumba players and many others musicians.

Dewar also had words of gratitude for the agency Son de Cuba and for the technicians from the Siboney Studios who took part in the recordings, and highlighted the contribution from the representative Alden Gonzalez, who played a leading role in the entire process, from the initial research to the award ceremony.

The nomination was already an award among so much good music that is presented to the Grammy and this section included CDs by Maria Rivas, Sonora Santanera, Omara Portuondo and Ruben Blades, the director of the sextet pointed out.

He considered that this award is very important for Cuba, because it contributes to visualize its music in the world and, especially, the roots that we must protect because everything else comes from there’.

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