Scholars Debate on the History of U.S.-Cuba Relations

Havana, Jun 5 (Prensa Latina) Researchers gathered here today began a meeting on the history of relations between Cuba and the United States based on documents and the state of bilateral ties.

The initial conference was given by Dr. Francisca Lopez, who made a chronological overview of the links between the two countries and, in particular, about the annexationist interests of the northern nation towards the island.

In her presentation, Lopez cited texts by historian and economist José Antonio Saco, in which he defends Cuban nationality in the face of U.S., attempts to seize the country.

The professor also referred to José Marti’s chronicles of the characteristics of American society, in which he warns of the White House’s expansionist intentions.

Lopez also mentioned the notes made by Professor Jose Maria Cespedes, who, through sagacious analysis, stated the annexation would be the destruction of Cuba and also mentioned publications by the revolutionaries Jose Antonio Mella and Ruben Martinez Villena on the subject.

Organized by the Center for Hemispheric and U.S. Studies, the meeting scheduled until tomorrow includes debates on the political processes and public strategies of the northern country.

Foreign policy and U.S.-Cuba relations, as well as U.S.-Cuba relations guidelines to Latin American and Caribbean states, are also among the planned issues.

Since the arrival of President Donald Trump to the White House, the process of normalization of relations between Havana and Washington has been reversed as a result of the intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against the island.

In December 2014, the former presidents of Cuba, Raul Castro and the United States, Barack Obama, announced the decision to initiate a rapprochement that culminated in the re-establishment of bilateral relations, the reopening of embassies in both capitals and the signing of some 20 cooperation agreements.

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