Santiago de Cuba to Strengthen as an Attractive Tourist Destination

Santiago de Cuba, Oct 2 (Prensa Latina) With the objective of exploiting the patrimonial, historical, natural and cultural potentialities, the tourist sector in the province of Santiago de Cuba is now immersed in a broad investment process which will allow it to add 937 rooms by 2030.

According to Marisol Rodriguez, the delegate of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in the territory, the 1,620 rooms in the province will soon be joined by another 158.

To the recently opened hotel Second Front, in the municipality of the same name and located 80 kilometers north of the provincial capital, will be added in urban spaces the Enramadas (‘Enramadas’) and the Deportivo (‘ Sports’) (with 196 rooms), under the administration of the hotel group Cubanacan and Islazul, respectively, revealed Rodriguez.

Another facility to be opened soon will be the Perla de Cuba hotel (‘Pearl of Cuba’), under the sign of Cubanacan, which, according to the official, keeps historical attractions added to having been the accommodation of today’s Army General Raul Castro prior to the armed assault in 1953 against the former Moncada Garrison, now the School City 26 of July.

According to Rodriguez, this latter is an old facility near the railroad will have a museum room for visitors to learn first hand about the history of the place.

Similarly, the coast of Santiago will be the protagonist of the opening of another new 14 room hotel called Paradise.

The town of El Cobre, located just over 20 kilometers from the provincial capital, is currently one of the most dynamic in the investment process being undertaken at present in Santiago de Cuba.

Promoting the development of this area is one of the territorial authorities’ strategies if we take into account that the associative landscape of the town of El Cobre is a National Monument. We believe it has great potential where tourism can be inserted with places to eat and stay,’ said the delegate of Mintur.

The Hotel Los Pilgrinos (‘The Pilgrims’), a recently opened facility in that locality, has eight rooms and was designed for those who come to visit the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Charity , patron saint of Cuba.

To this, Rodriguez added, will be joined the El Cobre hotel, homonymous of the territory to open with 18 rooms, although an increase of one more block is planned to reach 41.

According to the official, the arrival of cruise ships to Santiago de Cuba shows progress year after year and this season are predicted good results to be scheduled several arrivals of large ships of the company Royal Caribbean.

Our biggest emitters are still the traditional with Canada as the country with the highest number of visitors, followed by other markets such as Germany, Holland and Spain, Rodriguez remarked.


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