Santiago de Cuba Goes on Pilgrimage to Honor Fidel Castro

Santiago de Cuba, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Hundreds of people from Santiago de Cuba are marching on Tuesday along Patria Avenue, on behalf of all Cubans, to remember two years since Fidel Castro’s ashes were buried in the monolith at Santa Ifigenia cemetery of that eastern city.

Since early Tuesday, men and women are converging at the ‘Antonio Maceo’ Revolution Square to depart from there to the cemetery, with the same feelings of sadness and loss but convinced, as the troubadour said, ‘neither death believes that it took possession of you.’

The march is reviving the mournful parade with which that Sunday, December 4, 2016, Cuba and much of the world bid farewell to the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution and one of the paradigmatic revolutionaries of 20th and 21st centuries.

In these two years, the examples of the survival of the Commander-in-Chief have germinated in the city to which Fidel was closely linked since childhood and almost his entire life, despite his expressed will to not transcend on behalf of institutions or monuments or other public expressions.

At Universidad de Oriente (Eastern University), the honorary department dedicated to study his ideas since October 4, 2017, has developed a commendable work among students and professors and Santiago de Cuba society, with lectures and diverse academic approaches on his legacy.

Almost two million visitors from Cuba and other nations, along with presidents of countries, political and social leaders, sports and culture personalities, have visited the cemetery, considered a National Monument, and attracted by the magnetism of a special human being.

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