Saharawi doctor praises humanistic values of Cuban healthcare

Cuba, Jul 20 (Prensa Latina) The Saharawi doctor Hamada Saud Mohamet, who works as a doctor in Western Sahara, praised on Monday the humanistic values of Cuban Public Healthcare here and showed to be proud of having graduated in the island.

Back in this city, in the center of Cuba, where he spent four years in the medicine major, Saud Mohamet revealed on Monday to Prensa Latina that the Cuban public health brigades deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, as they provide services in the most remote places in the world, and his country is an example of such fact.

The Saharawi physician has remained in Cuba during Covid-19 times, since he had arrived to meet his wife, also a doctor, and his daughter Fatima, and kept a constant watch over the health condition of his fellow medical students, who spent the hardest period of the pandemic in isolation showing no symptoms.

‘From Cuba I carry in my heart the human values, solidarity, joy and simplicity of its people,’ he said.

He stated that since December 1977 medical solidarity began between Cuba and the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD), and currently Cuban collaborators provide services in Western Sahara, and a group of Cuban professors teach classes for the training of new Saharawi generations.


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