Russian minibuses arrives to strengthen public transport in Havana

Russian minibuses arrives to strengthen public transport in Havana

Jan 11 (Radio Rebelde) A batch of 450 minibuses with 12 seats each was unloaded in Havana port through the Haiphong maritime terminal, with a view to strengthening public transport in this capital, where more than one million 400 thousand passengers move daily.

The vast majority of the microbuses are meant to increase popular transportation capacity, while the other will cover the needs of entities and organizations, Guillermo González Quintana, head of MITRANS’ Automotive Transportation Engineering Department, told journalists.

He explained that the acquisition contracts include parts and spare parts for equipment in general, manufactured in the Russian company GAZ and that its arrival is in correspondence with the announcement made last December by the then-transportation Minister.

Then, it was also known that between December and January will enter the country for public transport in the capital 50 articulated buses and 40 rigid, 400 minibuses of 12 seats, and will increase the technical availability of the park, as well as that are guaranteed delivery plans for buses Diana (Artemisa) and tricycles for the provinces this year.

The minibuses arrived on board the Norwegian company Nordic ACT (North Arrow), which left last December 22 from Bronka, near St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, informed the Cuban News Agency specialists in the field.

The Urban Bus Company assumes the movement, on average daily in Havana, of more than one million people, another 100 thousand school buses and entities of the Ministry of Transport, and the rest private carriers, according to official statistics.

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