Russian Foreign Ministry: It is impossible to make Cubans surrender

Moscow, Oct 4 (Prensa Latina) It is impossible to make Cubans surrender and history shows that, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated, on denouncing US aggression against Venezuela and Cuba.

‘You know, a question arises whether the history of the region, and Cuba in particular, has taught the Americans nothing? It is impossible to break the Cuban people, I would like to reiterate it. History is proof of that,’ Zakharova stressed.

The steps taken by Washington, above all those linked to the tightening of the sanctions against Venezuela and its allies, especially Cuba, and the comments by US officials, leave much to be desired, Zakharova noted.

US Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams noted that the current measures related to fuel supplies cause problems to Cuba’s economy and society, but he admitted that no one in Cuba kneels to the US, she highlighted.

Zakharova denounced the attempt at including Venezuela’s case in an alleged context of the regional antiterrorist fight by the United States, in order to carry out a maneuver that will be similar to those designed to destabilize Syria.


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