Russia Warns That US ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Is A Blatant Sham

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova in a news conference in Moscow, Russia, Jan. 16, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

The delivery of aid, by the United States, would be an excuse to unleash military actions against Venezuela.

Feb 14 (teleSUR) Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova warned that the United States ‘humanitarian convoy’ is a cover to prepare, from the Colombian town of Cucuta, a provocative act in Venezuela.

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“Let us not be deceived, or deceive others. A provocation, including with casualties, is being prepared under the guise of a humanitarian convoy. And it is needed as a pretext for a forceful action from outside. And everyone should clearly understand this. We consider it urgently necessary to refrain from steps and statements that could provoke an escalation of tension in Venezuela, in particular, any appeals to the Venezuelan armed forces fraught with their involvement in an internal civil confrontation,” Zakharova said.

According to the spokeswoman, the United States has already chosen a “scenario of acute confrontation” in Venezuela, which has as its main objective to try to influence the Venezuelan Army.


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“In general, all suggest that the White House has chosen a scenario of acute confrontation with the use of force in Venezuela. I believe that [Washington] even does not try to hide that. All means of information and psychological pressure are being used: from manipulation and provocative media speculations to direct blackmailing and incitement to hatred. The main target is the Bolivarian Republic Armed Forces”, she said, according to Sputnik.

For its part, Russia is ready to join the intermediaries in the dialogue in the Latin American country, but only if this is carried out in a maximally broad format.

“Venezuelan servicemen are openly being incited to a rebellion. High-ranking officials in Washington are calling on the armed forces of a sovereign state to side with new political leadership. What right does the United States have to talk about democracy and legal framework both within a separate state and on the global stage after that?” Zakharova questioned.


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