Russia Rejects US Interference in Venezuelan Affairs

Moscow, Jan 11 (Prensa Latina) Russia on Friday rejected the interventionist maneuvers of the United States and its allies in Latin America, after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro took office, and denounced the violation of the South American country’s sovereignty.

The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized in a statement Washington’s shameless policy to try to create anti-constitutional bodies, parallel to the current government of Venezuela, by ignoring the realities of that country.

The document highlights the White House maneuvers to ignore legal bodies and, at the same time, recognize other unconstitutional methods, while it hardens the siege of economic sanctions on Venezuela.

The Foreign Ministry denounces that the U.S. policy of restrictions leads to worsening the socioeconomic situation, hitting Venezuelans’ pockets. All this is a violation of the sovereignty, the text says.

Russia recalled its proposal to grant a universal nature to the zero-tolerance principle regarding the change of government through unconstitutional methods, but many countries, including the greatest defenders of democracy, are opposed.

Moscow recalls that such a proposal was carried out after the February 2014 coup d’Etat, perpetrated in Kiev by the rightwing, and supported by neo-fascist paramilitary groups.

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