Russia Reiterates Rejection of Military Action against Venezuela

Moscow, Feb 28 (Prensa Latina) Russia reiterated Thursday its rejection of a military intervention against Venezuela and expressed its willingness to increase its mediating role in the solution exclusively through diplomatic channels to the political crisis in the South American country.

We are currently supporting the Montevideo Mechanism, as long as Venezuela accepts these mediation efforts’, declared the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zajarova, to a question from Prensa Latina.

The spokeswoman considered that such efforts should be aimed at seeking a constructive solution to the crisis, both inside and outside Venezuela. All this, of course, must be based on the norms of international law and the UN Charter, she said.

The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said that Russia sees, in the context of supporting the Montevideo Mechanism, its role as a country with the possibility of offering its contribution to the crisis solution.

If greater Russian participation is needed, we will undoubtedly analyze this possibility’, said the spokeswoman.

Zakharova insisted that Russia plays an active role in returning the situation in Venezuela to the road to peace and in defending international law in this specific case.

Moscow is also making efforts to convince the sides involved of the need for a diplomatic solution as the only possible alternative to an internal affairs decision in the South American country, the diplomat explained.

The use of force is absolutely unacceptable, much less a military intervention in the case of Venezuela, teh official added.

The spokeswoman also considered it necessary to create adequate conditions, instead of worsening the Venezuelan crisis, and only after referring to the suffering of the people, the shortage of products or the fall in economic indicators.

Behind Venezuela’s internal crisis are several countries contributing to the worsening of its internal situation, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman stated.


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