Russia Endeavors to Keep US from Attacking against Venezuela

Moscow, Mar 7 (Prensa Latina) Russia maintains its efforts to avoid at all costs a US military aggression against Venezuela, while providing concrete and depoliticized aid to that country, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said.

Russia is doing everything possible to help Venezuela keep its State institutions and democracy, for which political steps are taken, measures are coordinated with our partners and the dialogue process is collaborated, the spokesperson said.

Russia is also working to reduce tensions around Venezuela. We recently discussed this with Executive Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, and the negative aspects of that situation were addressed, Zakharova told Prensa Latina.

Russia offers a real humanitarian aid to Venezuela and, instead of barbed wire or barricaded materials, it supplies necessary food and medicine to the peaceful population of Venezuela that wants to get out of the crisis and develop, the diplomat said.

In addition, we refer to the efforts to not only avert a military scenario, but also avoid, even, the threat of that policy implemented against any Latin American country, the Russian Ministry spokeswoman said.

Zakharova stressed that after the failure to impose a supposed humanitarian aid to Venezuela, as happened on February 23 on the border with Colombia, the United States is looking for other ways and pretexts to attack that country, the official warned.

Despite a restriction dictated by the Venezuelan Supreme Court for the departure of legislator Juan Guaido, the government avoided falling into the trap of a provocation and the self-proclaimed president passed immigration without being arrested, the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said.

The Russian diplomat denounced the U.S.-imposed financial blockade against Venezuela and the attempts to move to a so-called Plan B, that is, create armed groups to act from Colombia, force a conflict, and then legitimize a foreign military intervention.


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