Russia condemns US blockade and praises Cuba’s medical solidarity

Moscow, Apr 14 (Prensa Latina) Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned this Tuesday the US blockade against Cuba and praised Cuban doctors’ solidarity before and now that the Covid-19 pandemic strikes the world.

The policy of the US blockade against Cuba for several decades practically lacks some support in the world and every year the UN General Assembly approves a resolution against that blockade and for its immediate lifting, stated the Russian FM.

‘Last October, the resolution presented by Cuba received a record number of votes in favor, 187, if I am not mistaken, against only three: the United States, unfortunately Brazil and another nation, Israel,’ Lavrov told Prensa Latina.

Cuba is interested in maintaining normal ties with the United States, but this must be based on mutual respect and on principles of the UN Charter such as the sovereignty of States and the right of peoples to decide their destiny, Lavrov stressed on a press meeting via videoconference.

The unilateral sanctions, which reduce the possibilities of fighting against the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, causing the Covid-19 pandemic, and implemented without the approval of the UN Security Council are immoral and inhumane.

We see how the aid that the Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma sent to the Latin American nations. Human support came, but in the specific case of Cuba, it was stopped by the United States, that is, it simply prevented its arrival in Havana, the Russian diplomat denounced.

In addition, Washington prohibits Cuba from purchasing medical equipment. It simply prevents the purchase by taking advantage of its position in the market for such equipment and the role of the dollar in payment operations, emphasized the foreign minister.

The United States, in an improper attitude, is also dedicated to discrediting Cuban doctors, who are working to solve important tasks in almost 60 nations, including Europeans like Italy, he assured.

Such virtues of the Cuban people deserve our highest consideration, he underscored.


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