Rounds of conversations between Cuba and United States delegations

CUBA,  January 16, 2015. In relation with the rounds of conversations between Cuba and the United States, to be celebrated during January 21-22, at the Conventions Palace of Havana, the Cuban delegation will be led by Josefina Vidal Ferreira, Director General for United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During January 21, a new round of migration talks will be carried out, that will be headed, on the US part, by the Deputy Assistant Secretary for  Western Hemisphere Affairs,  Edward Alex Lee. The meeting will serve to assess the situation of the migration accords and the actions adopted  by both parts to fight illegal immigration and immigrants trafficking, among other issues.

During January 22,  the first meeting on the process of reestablishment of diplomatic relations between both nations will be celebrated, that will be presided over, on the US part, by the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs,  Roberta Jacobson. During this reunion, the parts will discuss the principles and steps for the reestablishment of diplomatic relations and the opening of Embassies in both countries.

Following, the parts will hold another exchange to discuss bilateral issues, including the cooperation in areas of common interest


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