“Rosa María Tours” continues, with OAS complicity.

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FEB 17, 2017 | by Julio Ferreira

Rosa Maria Payá, the young “opponent” at the service of the US Government in its efforts to undermine the Cuban constitutional order does not stop to wander around the world, seeking to satisfy its unbridled need to gain prominence.

The continued tours can be afforded due to the generous US funding, especially by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), considered even by The New York Times a subsidiary of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and also because of the money coming from the Cuban-American ultra-right led by Cuban-origin legislators at the US Congress.

This explains her nonstop and expensive international tours in which she also has the connivance of the Organization of American States (OAS), even providing her advice on how to justify the substantial expenses that are already mockingly commented on both sides of the Florida Straits.

As a cover for her subversive work, her sponsors put her in charge of the so-called Latin American Youth Network for Democracy (REDLAD). A curious non-governmental organization (NGO), also financed by the NED, that comes as a ring finger to the US Administration and its special services to attack Latin American and Caribbean countries that are not to the liking of Washington.

She also uses the supposed NGO as a platform to promote her subversive “Cuba Decide” project created after turning her back on the counterrevolutionary group created by her father, mainly because of irreconcilable contradictions with her uncle Carlos Alberto Payá Sardiñas.

Although she is receiving strong funding to publicize this project internationally, she is already aware of the new failure due to the lack of support inside Cuba and the shy welcome given byother counterrevolutionary individuals.

But as “the payer also provide the orders”, Payá accomplishes silently the commands of her patrons, engaging in gross maneuvers not only against Cuba but also against Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

Following a script, she is currently characterizing the most recent American machination aimed to provoke the authorities of the Island, in which – as expected – she is sharing the main role of the play with the Secretary General of the OAS , The Uruguayan Luis Almagro.

The plan is simple: ex politicians from the Latin American right scene with recognized anti-Cuban positions,will accompany Mr. Almagro on a trip to Cuba where he would receive a REDLAD prize in recognition – according to him – of his “work against the Venezuelan regime”.

What is the rationale behind the intentions of Secretary General Almagroto visit the only non-member state in this hemisphere, an organization to which, according to Cuban President Raul Castro, “Cuba will never return “?

The answer to that question quickly came to light. The same REDLAD president was in charge of revealing to the media the true purpose of this new maneuver in saying that: “we have to change current Cuban scenario”.

Already she has been venturing in this direction. After her “exile” in the United States falsely claiming a non-existent harassment of the Cuban authorities and even death threats, this strange “political refugee” has traveled to Cuba at least four times.

This new provocation will fail. The same will happen with her subversive project as well as those of other counterrevolutionaries-travelers who pretend to take advantage of the electoral process with the ill-conceived illusion of gaining space in Cuban society.

One thing is already assured, the financing will continue and increase and we can already forecast long life and huge profits for “Rosa Maria Tours”.



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