Roles of Leaders of Cuba and the U.S. Acknowledged by John Kerry

Havana, Cuba, Jul 2.- U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged on July 1st in Vienna the role played by Cuban President Raul Castro and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama in the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

A report by Prensa Latina (PL) dated in Vienna, points out that Kerry praised the two leaders for agreeing to focus on the issues and possibilities of the future.

Kerry said that the reopening of embassies between his country and Cuba takes place thanks to Obama’s decision to change a policy that did not work and had remained that way for too long.

He underlined that, although there are differences, Washington and Havana have identified areas of cooperation, like environmental protection, migration or telecommunications.

According to the U.S. Secretary the step is justified because circumstances changed and reflection of this is the international community’s welcome to the step taken, added PL.

Kerry, who participates in Vienna in the final round of negotiations for a nuclear agreement with Iran, will participate this summer in the reopening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba, which would be the first arrival of a U.S. secretary of state since 1945.

Both Obama and the Cuban President ratified on Wednesday the decision to reestablish relations, while the U.S. President asked Congress to lift the unilateral sanctions imposed against Cuba for over half a century (blockade) because that policy of isolation has failed and was counterproductive for the United States.(can)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, July 2, 2015

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