Reordering of Primary Health-care Services Shows Favorable Results in Camagüey

consultorio-medico-familia-foto-roberto-ruiz-jr[1]Camagüey, Feb 25. – An effective cooperation by the personnel at family doctors offices have produced a very positive outcome on the health of those who live in Camagüey. Dr. Sonia González Vega, head of the Primary Health-care Services in the Provincial Direction of Public Health, claimed that such result has been possible due to a strategy which started in 2010 and seeks to re-order the health-care services at such level.

In this regard, medical doctors, nurses and technical staff strive to provide a more comprehensive care in 708 practices throughout this province, which readjusted their medical coverage to less than 1,500 patients per doctor’s office, included rural areas and places that are difficult to access, she stated.

The Public Health official also said that the main actions have been aimed at people suffering from chronic diseases like asthma, diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.

She also made emphasis on the proper implementation of the clinical method which is essential to formulate a diagnosis through correct interviews and physical examination, which consolidate the practitioner-patient relation.

In addition, she said that they have identified all cases of pregnant women, people with some form of permanent physical or mental disabilities and patients at risk for certain disorders on whom they keep a watchful eye and treatment. (Alex López Almaguer / Radio Cadena Agramonte)

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