Religious People in Cuba Call to Prevent Wars among Nations

Havana, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) The vice president of the Hebrew Community of Cuba, David Prinstein, called in this capital on Sunday to end wars among nations and prevent armed conflicts in the future.

“All wars must be prevented because they are all bad,” Prinstein told reporters during the International Meeting for Interreligious Dialogue and World Peace that will conclude today at Havana’s Conventions Center.

We cannot say that in an armed conflict, in which we all lose, there are good and bad people, he stressed.

Wars start for a reason and their end is unpredictable, and we are here to prevent a catastrophic end, said the vice president of the Hebrew Community of Cuba, who described the meeting as extraordinary. This meeting marks an important moment in the country’s history, it is not an isolated event, but the result of several actions carried out by different religious denominations established in Cuba, he pointed out.

The religious leader noted the support from the government and the State to all creeds existing in Cuba, without any distinctions.

This helps us a lot, he added, that is why, we are sitting here today at the same table to evaluate issues that unite us and create a true concept of peace.

Cuba is an example for the world, because it is incredible how several creeds and different denominations are meeting here to see how we can contribute to putting an end to wars, he stressed.


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