Religious leader considered the embassies opening an historic event

Very positive historical event called the Baptist Rev. Raul Suarez, director of Memorial Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center opening embassies in Cuba and the United States made this July 20, 2015.

Speaking to the international Radio Havana Cuba, Suarez said: “The constitution of both embassies in both the United States and Cuba is an essential to continue the dialogue with a view to normalizing relations element.”

On the support of the US religious movement this important step Reverend spoke: “There is recognition of the work of the Cuban Ecumenical Movement with our counterparts in the US since the year 59 until today.”

The religious have worked hard for a moment like this, emphasized the Cuban reverend, who later said the role of the ecumenical movement in Cuba and the United States also favor an end to the blockade, and that the US State considers our country as an independent and sovereign nation. And from there to talk and talk.

Finally significantly he called the work – after the restoration of bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States, both religious and Cuban Americans.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

Written by Cuban Radio, Radio Cubana

July 20, 2015

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