Raul Castro Rejects Strengthening of U.S. Blockade of Cuba

Havana, Apr 19 (Prensa Latina) Raul Castro rejected the strengthening of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that the U.S. government has imposed on Cuba for more than half a century.

At his closing speech at the 9th Legislature of the People’s Power National Assembly (Parliament), the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) spoke about the limitations to the country’s development due to that unilateral measure.

In that regard, Raul Castro mentioned the persecution of transactions that limit access to credit sources and the obstruction of foreign investments, which are necessary for the development of the Cuban economy.

He also thanked the international solidarity and support from the peoples of the world in their demand for an end to the blockade of Cuba.

In another part of his speech in Parliament, Raul Castro referred to the process of reordering the external debt with the main creditors.

It is an action that frees present and future generations from financial burdens, he noted.

The Cuban leader, who today concluded his term as the president of the Councils of State and of Ministers, noted the need to improve the mechanisms of social communication, so that every Cuban citizen can receive clear and understandable explanations about the national reality and its most complex issues.

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