Ramonet: Fidel was the Defender of Latin American Dignity

By Luisa María González Pars, Nov 27 (Prensa Latina) Fidel Castro was the defender of the dignity of Cuba, but also of all Latin America, said the intellectual Ignacio Ramonet today in France, after declaring himself deeply saddened by the death of the revolutionary leader.

‘Fidel has been an exceptional man for us. These are days of mourning, of grief, his loss has been tremendous’, he declared in exclusive statements to Prensa Latina.

The journalist and writer estimated that ‘his followers have to try to imitate him in everything he was, in his exceptional dimension, in his ethical requirement of life, in his sense of dignity and rebellion.

‘I wonder if among the leaders nowadays there is someone who has a minimum of scope like Fidel, and there is none. Fidel represents a generation of giants that no longer exists’, he said.

After hearing the news of the death of the Cuban leader, there have been many signs of sadness and homage expressed in France, from the main authorities of the country to the citizens.

Last night, hundreds of French, Cubans, Latin Americans and people from other parts of the world gathered before the statue of Simon Bolivar in Paris to pay tribute to the Commander.

According to Ramonet, ‘it is a way of showing our adherence to what Fidel represents as a leader and as a human, and also a manifestation of solidarity with Cuba and the Latin American revolutionary people.’

And it is not only in Paris, he added, but in many places in France and Europe initiatives like this are taking place.

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