Ramonet deems as absolute cynicism US new aggression against Cuba

Paris, Jan 13 (Prensa Latina) French-Spanish professor and journalist Ignacio Ramonet on Wednesday deemed the US unilateral decision to include Cuba in its list of countries sponsoring terrorism to be an absolute cynicism, a measure that he described as shameful and miserable.

‘It is the world upside down,’ noted the author of the ‘One Hundred Hours with Fidel’ book on social networks, who recalled that Cuba for decades has been the victim of various types of terrorism sponsored by Washington, which have caused thousands of deaths and injuries.

Likewise, he warned that Cuba has never sponsored acts of violence in the US territory and highlighted the condemnation of the scourge of terrorism by the country.

‘Today, with the world tragically affected by the worst pandemic in centuries, the agonizing Trump administration continues to sow hatred and injustice, while Cuba, a small island under siege and blockade, spreads solidarity and sends medical and health aid to dozens of countries,’ he expressed.

According to Ramonet, the decision announced on Monday by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo reflects the desperation of a government that just a few days ago, with the assault on the Capitol, was even tempted by a self-coup.

The civilized world repudiates this measure. For all its actions in favor of life, peace and culture, Cuba and its government enjoy and will continue to enjoy the highest international consideration, he assured.


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