Qatar Gives Tribute to Fidel Castro

Doha, Nov 30 (Prensa Latina) Qatari news media highlighted the speech pronounced by senior Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, father of the Head of State of Qatar, in a tribute to Cuban Revolution historical leader Fidel Castro after his death in Havana.

The activities to show the condolences of tne Qatari government and people for the death of Fidel Castro are still going on in Qatar.

Despite the difference of time, newspapers and television channels reported the intervention by Khalifa bin Al-Thani in a political-cultural activity together with dozens of Heads of State, Government and officials from different countries at the Jose Marti Revolution Square in Havana.

Qatari official news QNA said Al-Thani offered condolences to President Raul Castro and members of the Castro family, to the government and people of Cuba, by the death of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution.

Al-Thani highlighted the achievements of Fidel Castro as the President of Cuba, his positions, especially in the defense and support to the cause of the Arabic peoples of the world -including Palestine and Algeria-.

Al-Thani classifies Fidel Castro among the main leaders of our time and ‘one of the giants of the struggle for national liberation, who tought the self-determination and the respect to the rights of the peoples may be possible.’

He remembered his own friendship with Fidel Castro, and the mutual visits they exchanged, contributing to strengthen the links of friendship and cooperation.

The Ambassador of Cuba in Doha, Eumelio Caballero, told Prensa Latina that Al-Thani and Fidel Castro were the founders of this relation, starting from signing agreements to establish a Cuban medical brigade in Qatar.


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