Puebla Group denounces siege of Mexican Embassy in Bolivia

Buenos Aires, Dec 26 (Prensa Latina) The Puebla Group today rejected the police and military surrounding of the Mexican Embassy in Bolivia, and harassment of its diplomats and the political refugees currently residing there, as part of the persecution launched by the de facto Bolivian authorities.

In a statement, the Group called on the de facto and provisional authorities led by self-proclaimed president Jeanine Añez to ensure the integrity of the diplomatic facilities and the people under Mexico’s protection.

The regional group also expressed today that it is concerned about recent events in Bolivia, where the military and police forces have increased their presence and pressure on the Mexican Embassy.

The diplomatic headquarters welcomed political refugees of Evo Morales’ government, who sought refuge there after the persecution launched by the civil-military coup-mongering authorities on November 10.

‘Under the excuse of providing security to the Mexican Embassy, coup-mongering forces are surrounding, intimidating, spying and harassing, not only the refugees, but the entire diplomatic mission,’ the Group emphasized.

It warned that the Mexican government had denounced that its Ambassador to Bolivia was detained for a few moments while she was being transported in a diplomatic vehicle, with the aim of inspecting it.

‘In this way, the imposed government of Añez not only violates the dignity and security of those granted asylum, but also puts at risk diplomatic relations, cooperation and integration among Latin American countries,’ it warned.

Indigenous leader Evo Morales, who was granted asylum by Mexico after the coup d’état, thanked the Puebla Group for the declaration calling for an end to the violence and respect for dignity and human rights in Bolivia.


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