President Raul Castro Confident that Cuba Will Get Through

Havana, Sep 11 (Prensa Latina) The president of the Cuban State Council and Council of Ministers Raúl Castro Ruz expressed confidence that, with organization and discipline, this country will get through after the impact of Hurricane Irma.

The declarations of the Cuban president are contained in an Appeal published today by Granma newspaper and the text is transmitted by Prensa Latina.

Appeal to our combative people

Let’s face the recovery with the example of Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, who with his permanent faith in victory and strong will has taught us that there is nothing impossible

September 11, 2017 01:09:06

Hurricane Irma, with its destructive force, stormed our Island for more than 72 hours, from the morning of September 8 to the afternoon of this Sunday. With winds that surpassed at times the 250 kilometers per hour, it crossed the north of the country from Baracoa, also punished by another phenomenon of this type almost a year ago, to the vicinity of Cárdenas. However, by the immensity of its size practically the whole territory suffered its effects.

This meteorological phenomenon, called by experts as the largest hurricane formed in the Atlantic, caused severe damage to the country, which, precisely because of its size, has not yet been quantified. A preliminary look shows affectations in the housing, the electro-energetic system, and the agriculture.

In addition it hit some of our main tourist destinations; however, the affectations will be recovered before the start of the high season. We have the necessary human and material resources, as one of the main sources of income for the national economy.

These have been hard days for our people, who in only a few hours have seen how what was built with effort is hit by a devastating hurricane. The images of the last hours are eloquent, as well as the spirit of resistance and victory of our people who are reborn with every adversity.

In these difficult circumstances, the unity of the Cubans, the solidarity among the neighbors, the discipline of the people guided by the orientations issued by the National General Staff of Civil Defense and the Defense Councils at all levels, the professionalism of the specialists of the Meteorology Institute, the immediacy of our media and journalists, the support of mass organizations, as well as the cohesion of the governing bodies of the National Defense Council, come first. Special mention to all our women, including the leaders of the Party and the Government, who with steadiness and maturity directed and faced the difficult situation.

There will be a lot of work in the days to come, where the strength of the Cubans and the indestructible confidence in their Revolution will once again be demonstrated. It is not the time to mourn, but to rebuild what the winds of Hurricane Irma tried to disappear.

With organization, discipline and the integration of all our structures, we will get through as we have done on previous occasions. We should not delude ourselves, the task ahead of us is immense, but with a people like ours, we will win the most important battle: recovery.

At this crucial moment, the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba and the National Association of Small Farmers, along with other mass organizations, will have to redouble their efforts to erase as soon as possible the effects of this destructive event.

A principle remains unchanged: the Revolution will not leave anyone homeless and measures are already taken so that no Cuban family is left to their fate.

As has been customary every time a weather phenomenon hits us, there are many signs of solidarity received from all over the world. Heads of State and Government, political organizations, and friends of the solidarity movements have expressed their willingness to help us, which we thank on behalf of the more than eleven million of Cubans.

Let us face the recovery with the example of Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, who with his permanent faith in victory and strong will has taught us that there is nothing impossible. In these difficult hours, his legacy makes us strong and unites us.

Raúl Castro Ruz

Havana, September 10, 2017


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