President of Cuba urges for unity and talent against storm ‘Laura’

President of Cuba urges for unity and talent against storm 'Laura'

Havana, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) The president of Cuba Miguel Diaz-Canel urged to face the tropical storm Laura, which is transiting through the central region of the country, with unity and talent.

‘We will defeat Laura if we work together, with all our strength and talent. As always, with responsibility, with demand, with discipline and avoiding botcheries,’ the president Tweeted.

Diaz-Canel described in yet another Tweet as ‘efficient’ the information coverage during the meteorological emergency due to the event, the thirteenth during the current hurricane season.

‘This confirms the value of Communication and having a media system based on the interests of the nation,’ the head of state wrote.

Cuba’s central and eastern regions are under the alarm phase and the western region is in the alert phase.

At 09:00 local time the center of Laura was at 21.0 degrees North latitude and 79.4 degrees West longitude, about 83 miles southeast of the city of Cienfuegos (in the center of the country).

The tropical storm was moving in a west-northwest direction at 20.5 mph with maximum sustained winds of around 62 mph and a reported central pressure of 1,000 hPa.


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