President Maduro: US Govt & Colombian Oligarchy Plan to Assassinate Me

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro.
President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. | Photo: Twitter/ @Mippcivzla

Assassination and coup threats against the Venezuelan executive have continued, despite several failed attempts.

August 23 (teleSUR) President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro has denounced that the U.S., with the support of Colombia’s oligarchy, maintains a plan to assassinate him following several failed attempts in recent years.

“There is a decision in the north and in Colombia by the oligarchy to assassinate me and to assassinate the General Staff and the political-military high command of this Revolution,” said President Maduro, during the premiere of the program “Here with Ernesto” which was  hosted by Culture Minister Ernesto Villegas. 

President Maduro said that those who govern in both countries, from the White House and in the Palace of Nariño, are both extremists and that their plans have failed before: “That decision has been made for a long time, it was the objective of the coup d’état of April 30th [2019], to come for me, kidnap me ”.

The head of state recalled the drone attack and magnicide attempt made on August 4, 2018, in which the Bolivarian government went on to capture all of the material actors and reveal the masterminds behind the failed attempt. Throughout this process he continued to receive threats.–colombian-oligarchy-plan-to-assassinate-me-20200823-0004.html

President Maduro said that U.S. Special Representative for Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, had told the Congress that they would ‘eliminate’ the Venzuelan executive before December.

“The word eliminate in the mouth of a hawk, with a criminal record like Elliott Abrams, cannot be taken as a game. It is a plan and they have an office just for Venezuela, the objective is to end the leadership that I represent,”

“There have been 2,725 days of harassment, aggression, manipulation, I have not had a single day without the aggression of imperialism and the fascist right and they have always seen me with courage. The best day is every day!”

“I’m not afraid of imperialism, Ernesto. I’m not afraid of the Colombian oligarchy. I will never betray the people. I will never surrender.”

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