President Maduro ratifies commitment to the nation’s welfare

President Maduro ratifies commitment to the nation's welfare

Caracas, May 31 (Prensa Latina) The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, ratified on Sunday his commitment to watch over the welfare of the nation, especially the most vulnerable families, in the face of the blockade imposed by the United States.

In a message in Twitter, the Head of State thanked the task force that is still deployed throughout the country to provide protection to the neediest, on the occasion of celebrating this Sunday a year of the start of the Comprehensive Care Program for Victims of the Economic War.

Maduro recalled the objective is the humanist protection of the most affected families to access goods and services, in the face of the coercive and unilateral measures imposed by the US Government. He also confirmed that his government’s commitment is to protect life and health of the people.

With the aim of strengthening social policies in the country’s neighborhoods, as well as defending the development model promoted by the Venezuelan state in recent years, the plan includes attention to people on the streets, food in vulnerable communities and the articulation of health programs.

The Program for Comprehensive Care to the Victims of the Economic War seeks to alleviate the effects of the economic blockade, which is responsible for restricting access to resources, goods and essential services.


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