Prensa Latina’s Outstanding Role in the Fight against Media War

Havana, Jan 21 (Prensa Latina) The Truth Operation is still in force and Prensa Latina maintains its leading role against the media war, stated today in this capital the president of the Latin American Federation of Journalists, Juan Carlos Camaño.

For many years we have been fighting against organized lies, Camaño told Prensa Latina in the context of the first day of the international forum that will be held until tomorrow at the National Hotel in Cuba.

Prensa Latina is a news agency that currently fulfills a role that goes far beyond its role, stressed Camaño.

His capacity for action in different parts of the world in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe has shown that the profession can be exercised with dignity at the service of the interests of peoples, wherever and however, he stressed.

Prensa Latina -host of the conclave- was born with the purpose of paying tribute to the struggle of all men and women of this world who believe in a more just society, emphasized Camaño.

The aforementioned operation was a meeting of 400 foreign journalists summoned to Havana, when the Revolution was not yet 20 days old, to learn first-hand details of the trials against the war criminals of the defeated tyranny of Fulgencio Batista, amidst the lies about that process.

The international forum aims to discuss Latin American journalism in the scenarios of globalization and new technologies.

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