Potential Corn Market Seen In Cuba

Last week a trade delegation from Cuba visited the United States and was hosted by U.S. Grains Council. That market has great potential for U.S. corn growers according to Keith Alverson, President of the South Dakota Corn Grower’s Association and Board member for NCGA.

Alverson says he’s pleased recent inroads have been made with Cuba but that the lifting of the trade embargo is the next major step that needs to be taken. He’s hopeful that will happen because if the United States would capture all of Cuba’s corn demand, it would be the tenth largest market for U.S. corn farmers worldwide.

He says besides selling U.S. corn to Cuba, that island nation would also be a great destination for dried distillers grains.

U.S. Grains Council officials note that there are opportunities for partnership between U.S. agriculture and the Cuban feed, livestock and poultry industries.

wnax.com, April 26, 2016


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