Postal Services Are Denied to Cuba due to US Blockade

Madrid, Sep 21 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban embassy in Spain reported today that the mailings and TNT courier service company denied its services to the General Consulate in this capital, in compliance with the U.S. blockade on the Caribbean country.

The legation revealed in a note in June that the mentioned company retained and returned to the island’s consulate in Madrid two postal packages containing passports of Cuban residents abroad.

Both shipments, sent to the Cuban embassies in China and Indonesia, were returned to the consular representation in this city because, as the Customs reference succinctly states, there is a ‘USA Blockade’, as the United States defines its nearly six-decade siege against the small nation.

A similar situation have occurred with the Havana diplomatic missions in Austria and Turkey. There, TNT also refused to provide services under the same argument of unilateral U.S. sanctions, the statement said.

For the Cuban ambassador to Spain, Eugenio Martinez, it is a contradiction that the United States can restores direct mail service to his country, ‘while preventing a Cuban office abroad can make use of a commercial service to send documents.’

‘Actions like this show that the discriminatory U.S. measures on Cuba are maintained and clumsily resisted, despite the opinion by the international community to eradicate them,’ Martinez said.

‘The Cuban residents abroad were affected by this obstacle, which has caused delays and added costs to them and to the Cuban entities involved,’ the text concluded.

The legation itself denounced some 10 days ago another case of extraterritorial application of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade to the island in the Spanish territory.

This system of sanctions against the Latin American country has prevented the Santander Bank provide points of sales to the Cuban General Consulates in the cities of Barcelona, Seville and Santiago de Compostela.


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