Positive progress between Senegal, Cuba relations

Dakar, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) The diplomatic counselor minister of the Senegalese president, Oumar Demba Bâ, and the Cuban ambassador in this African country, Saylin Sanchez Portero, highlighted the good progress of the relations between both nations, official sources reported today.

During a cordial meeting, both parties also agreed to highlight the fraternity feelings existing between the two peoples and reaffirmed the commitment to strengthen their ties and move forward in mutually beneficial cooperation areas.

They also praised the values shared by Cuba and Senegal in the defense of multilateralism and respect for International Law.

The Cuban diplomat took advantage of the occasion to convey, with the request to send a message to the President of this country, Macky Sall, Cuba’s deep appreciation for Senegal’s support to the Cuban cause against the blockade imposed by the United States, a position that was ratified by Minister Demba Bâ.

For 60 years, Washington has been applying a criminal economic, commercial and financial siege against the Caribbean country, which was intensified during the current administration of Donald Trump.


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