Popular Cuban TV shows broadcast in the US

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 14 (acn) Dish Latino, part of the American satellite network Dish has signed a deal to show Cuban television shows and films in the United States on a new channel called CubamaxTV. The initiative includes the popular comedy show Living by One´s Wit, top rated on the island.

The comedy show, known is Spanish as Vivir del Cuento, is so popular in Cuba that U.S. President Barack Obama made two guest appearances on the show as part of his historic visit to Cuba.

CCTV reported that the lead character in the comedy, an 80-year-old pensioner called Panfilo, is played by a much younger actor Luis Silva, who recently flew to the U.S. for the official channel launch.

There are around 2 million Cuban Americans, many of them living in Miami. The older generation, who consider themselves political exiles, may not approve. But their children and more recent arrivals, mainly economic migrants, are the potential audience, according to CCTV.

The Cuban partner, state television’s commercial wing RTV, hopes this will become a window on Cuban culture for a wider audience as well.
This new channel isn’t just showing programs produced by Cuba’s state run television here. It’s also a showcase for some of the island’s independent film and documentary makers.

The programming also includes a mix of soap operas, comedies and TV series along with documentaries and films. The only shows that won’t be offered are news and political programs.

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