Pope Francis’ Message for Peace in Venezuela Highlighted

Caracas, Jul 2 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan Jesuit priest Numa Molina highlighted today Pope Francis´ message to end violence in Venezuela and find a peaceful and democratic solution to the crisis.

In a message posted on Twitter, Molina joined the call made by Pope Francis, who called today for peace in Venezuela, a country plunged into a political crisis that has claimed so far 75 fatalities and near 2,000 injured in the recent three months.

‘The mind rejects truth and the word peace is taken for war by bloodthirsty people opposed to life’, said Father Molina on his Twitter account.

In his Sunday’s message, Pope Francis said that the independence of Venezuela will be celebrated on July 5th, while saying his prayers for ‘this dear nation’ and expressing his sympathies to the families that lost their relatives in the street riots.

Some weeks ago, Pope Francis welcomed a group of Venezuelan bishops and reiterated the call for the respect of human rights with peace and reconciliation in Venezuela on April 30th Angelus.


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