Pictures of Plaza de Mayo’s Grandmothers on Display in Cuba

Havana, May 18 ( Prensa Latina) Cuban photojournalist Kaloian Santos exhibits in this capital his photographic display Las Locas de Plaza de Mayo, in homage to Argentine grandmothers and mothers looking for their loved ones.

The exhibition is hosted by the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana and focuses on Argentine grandmothers and mothers who strongly claim their children.

‘Some of them see you, others smell you, some almost touch you when you pass by these halls of the faculty; they are old, they are sweaty with handkerchiefs embroidered as if they were in an Argentine square and had been lost in time, in search of those who do not appear and who still do not arrive,’ said the artist.

The exhibition contains 10 decisive images, says the author, with women in detail, with half smiles and disturbing looks.

These ladies are dressed in black and white and are still standing and fighting for the search they have been carrying out for years, she said.

‘They are ladies who give only one reason for using canes: the fact that they have never been on their knees,’ Santos said.

The photographic exhibition Las Locas de Plaza de Mayo will be at the University of Havana until May 19 and then will travel to the Southern Cone.

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