Pianos For Cuba Documentary

Pianos for cuba is a new mission to help the cuban people and kids have a chance at playing instruments that are hard to get.

About this projectWho Am I?
Hello my name is Ariel Benitez. I was born in Cuba and I came to Canada when I was 3 years old. So Cuba holds a special place in my heart.

Movie & Video production has always been one of my dreams. As you know the equipment is quite costly and I myself am not financially able to get such equipment.

Where did the idea for this project come from?
Just a few days ago, the campaign “Pianos For Cuba” was launched and I helped the founder Kenny McNally creating a short video and a logo to promote the campaign on different social media. I’ve been given the opportunity to film the whole process, from getting the pianos and shipping them from Canada, up to their arrival in Havana and the distribution to schools and cultural centers along the island. The plan is to do this annually so more and more people have the opportunity to do what cuban people love.

Not only will you be seeing the process, but you will be seeing the history and culture in one of the worlds most beautiful countries. 

Why do I care?
This project gives me the opportunity of combining my passion for movie and video production with a great campaign that is going to give new opportunities to hundreds of children in my country of origin.

For more information on “PianosForCuba” visit: https://www.gofundme.com/pianos-for-Cuba

What your donations will allow me to do?
I hope this Kickstarter campaign will help me get the necessary professional equipment we need to ensure a complete documentary of all the process of getting the pianos and shipping them from Canada, up to their arrival in Havana and the distributions to schools and cultural centres along the island.

For example: A 4k camera, lenses, tripod, Rode microphone, extra batteries/memory cards, camera bags & a camera stabilizer

Your generous contributions will also help cover the cost of some of my trips to Havana to film the process.

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