People’s Summit kicks off in Lima

The People’s Summit, an alternative to the Summit of the Americas, kicked off yesterday, April 10, in Lima, Peru

Lima – With the inauguration of the People’s Summit, an alternative to the Summit of the Americas, today, April 10, Lima became the capital of Latin American and Caribbean social movements, progressive parties and youth organizations committed to unity, anti-imperialism and the principles of justice and equality throughout the region.

The event, which will run through April 14, will be a “great act of continental solidarity,” stated Secretary General of the Peru’s General Confederation of Workers (CGTP) and one of the Summit organizers, Gerónimo López, speaking to reporters.

In this sense, López highlighted support for the Cuban Revolution and reaffirmed the commitment to progressive and left governments of Latin America and the Caribbean currently being “sabotaged by imperialism.”

According to the organizer, a mass anti-imperialist rally with the maxim “Trump out of Peru,” will be held on April 12, shortly before the U.S. President arrives in the country on his first trip to Latin America.

Meanwhile, Cuban reporter Carlos Rombambil, from Radio Cielo, speaking to Granma, noted that the Cuban people will be there to express the feelings of the people of Latin America toward Trump.

“On April 12 we have the duty to unite all our forces to show, with this anti-imperialist march, our opposition to the presence of Donald Trump and support for the Cuban Revolution, Bolivarian Revolution and progressive movements,” he added.

Also kicking off today will be the Civil Society Forum, a space dominated and exploited by the Organization of American States to persecute countries which do not respond to Washington’s interests.

The Cuban delegation, attending for the second time, criticized attempts by mercenaries and groups with links to terrorists to pass for supposed representatives of Cuban civil society, a strategy which was also used during the 2015 Summit in Panama.

The legitimate representatives of Cuban society arrived in Lima, April 8, and in a statement reaffirmed that they will participate in the forums being held parallel to the People’s Summit with “a great sense of responsibility and constructive spirit,” but will not tolerate provocations.

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