People In Moscow, New York and Bogota Bid Fidel Farewell

Havana, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) Cuban embassies around the world had the hard task today of closing their books of condolences in tribute to Fidel Castro, as people from all walks of life in those countries kept arriving to pay their respects to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, deceased last November 25.

People said in unison ‘We are Fidel’ and ‘Viva Fidel’. Hundreds of persons before the Cuban embassy in Moscow, and the front of the Permanent Mission of the Caribbean island to the United Nations in New York.

A caravan of automobiles decorated with flowers and Cuban flags with members of the Colombian movement of solidarity with the island rendered tribute today to Fidel Castro in Bogota.

The line of cars departed from the Cuban embassy and toured the Colombian capital such as the Plaza Bolivar, witness to transcendent events of the history of the South American nation.

The square had sheltered during 40 days the Camp for Peace from where 200 persons demanded the agreement for peace that was finally signed by the government and the guerrilla. The final destiny of the caravan was the National University where the priest Javier Giraldo officiated a mass in tribute to Fidel Castro.

Father Giraldo said Fidel’s intense life became a resonance box of world problems, in particular those of Latin America, becoming a banner of ethical discernment in social and political conflicts.

U.S. activist Ike Nahem told Prensa Latina in New York that the rally before the Cuban Mission to the UN showed the love many persons feel for the revolutionary leader in the United States.

We gathered here today to thank Fidel Castro for his life and example and tell him we assume his struggle path for just causes, he said.

Cuban residents in Russia, on their part emitted a statement in Moscow where they say many Fidels would appear ready to defend the dignity planted in the Cuban land and stand up against conformist ideas, narrow criteria regarding our present and future will be banished, while confirming the irreversibiliuty of the Cuban socialist revolution which will be guaranteed with the same conviction and conscience as the generation that did not let the Apostle (Jose Marti) die the year of his centennial.

The Russian people also visited the embassy by the hundreds, leaving flowers and messages of tribute to Fidel Castro.


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