People in central Cuba happy with WiFi services


CAMAGUEY, Cuba, Jul 28 (acn) The opening of two places for Internet browsing via wireless or Wi-Fi in this city, and the reduction of the hourly rate of 4.50 to 2 convertible pesos (CUC), has gained acceptance among the people of Camaguey.

It’s amazing the speed at which you can browse, which allows video calls through Facebook chat, listening to music or watching movies online or download great apps, Yanais Vega, young woman who was at one of those points in Agramonte Park, told ACN.

For those who have always been connected by conventional means, the difference is considerable, although there are still some difficulties in the time of access to the network, said Juan Mendoza, a youngster using this service in the other enabled position at Plaza del Gallo.

Both users agreed that, even though Wi-Fi opens up possibilities for greater connectivity from public spaces, these should be increased and that even with the reduction in rates, the price is still inaccessible when compared to the actual average wage of Cubans.

Despite this undeniable reality, data provided to ACN by the Enterprise of Telecommunications ofCuba (ETECSA by its Spanish acronym) corroborate the widespread acceptance of this service by the public of Camaguey city, which can also be checked by the number of people concentrated in those enclaves with their devices.

The figure of Nauta accounts has nearly tripled so far only in July, because in less than a month, at the end of day 22nd, 3 183 accounts of this type were activated, said Jose Flores, commercial specialist of the entity.

About some of the difficulties expressed by users, Mailen Duran, ETECSA Communications Specialist in the territory, recalled that the service is still undergoing technical tests, but it usually works well.

It is also expected the installation of Wi-Fi to gradually reach other parts of the city, with emphasis on the tourist hub and major shopping streets.

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