People from Ciego de Avila Awaits Fidel’s Funeral Caravan

Ciego de Avila, Cuba Dec 1 (Prensa Latina) Since early hours today, the people from Ciego de Avila awaits for the Caravan of Freedom carrying the ashes of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The people from Ciego de Avila awaits with revolutionary fervor in order to bid farewell to the most universal statesman of the twentieth century.

Carrying flags, posters and pictures, thousands of men, women, retirees, young people and children stand in both sides of the central highway, which crosses throughout the province of Ciego de Avila. They all will honor the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution .

Retiree peasant leader, Jesus Trujillo, expressed his feelings over the loss of the Cuban leader and said: ‘I am here to pay homage to the man gave the peasants a dignified living and gave the land to the people who really work it.’

‘We will follow his example and we will carry out each one of the tasks he left us when he gave us the concept of Revolution that May 1st, 2000. There he outlined the future of the country and the continuity of Socialism,’ Trujillo said.

Sandra Serra, a health worker in the province, said that Fidel’s death is shocking, it is an irreparable loss, but at the same time give us a reason to continue his legacy and follow the path he outlines for Cuban society.

‘He was a special man, a symbol of sacrifice, not only for the Cuban people but for the whole world. His internationalist spirit can be seen in the medical brigades that serve in the most remote communities in all continents,’ Serra said.

Fidel’s ashes are being taken throughout Cuba to Santiago de Cuba, where will be buried on December 4th in the Santa Ifigenia cemetery, next to the National Hero Jose Marti.

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