Peculiar Festival Held to Protect Cuban Land Crabs

Baracoa, Cuba, May 20 (Prensa Latina) Food, arts and environmental education merge today here in the Festival of Crabs, a peculiar initiative that has been held for nine years in this city to protect Cuban crabs.

The festival opened with an environmental message on the need to protect blue land crabs (Cardisoma guanhumi), included in the food chain of the local population and commonly found in coconut growing in this municipality of northeastern Cuba.

Thousands of people in Baracoa attended the festival in the rural community of La Alegria, in which games, food contests and other activities are held and highly enjoyed by participants.

Plastic arts, literature, dance and audiovisual presentations are also included in the festival, during the exhibitions and artistic performances made by amateurs from this community and neighboring places.

The Festivals of Crabs are also held in other countries, as Colombia and Sweden, and it was first hosted by Baracoa nine years ago, following the initiative staged by cultural promoter in this municipality Elmer Nuñez, wining more quality and participants over the years.


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