Panamanians Warn Government against Foreign Subversive Acts

Havana–Following strong denunciations by the Cuban delegation at the forums parallel to the Summit of the Americas in Panama about the presence there of paid-mercenaries and terrorists, local union and social organizations urged the Panamanian government to refuse the use of their country as a platform for regime change policy against the constitutional governments of Cuba and Venezuela.

In statements to PL news agency, the general secretary of Panama Workers´ Confedertion, Aflredo Graell said that if the Cuban counterrevolution and the Venezuelan opposition undertakeviolent acts and demonstrations, Panamanian social organizations will use their right to protest and face those attempts.

The union leader recalled that in 2000, Luis Posada Carriles and another three terrorists attempt to plant a bomb in the University of Panama. And now some of those who embraced Posada Carriles in Miami are now here trying to commit terrorist acts.

Graell denounced the manipulation of the Civil Society Forum by the Organization of American States, the international rightist groups and the CIA, as he noted that historic organizations like Cuba´s Workers Confederation and others were excluded from the event.

In an open letter addressed to Panamanian foreign minister Isabel de Saint Malo, members of 15 unions, student and solidarity organizations expressed deep concern about meetings and protests called by the Venezuelan opposition and the so-called Cuban dissidents.

For this reason, we respectfully ask the national government to take the pertinent measures, or else the Panamanian people´s organizations will make them respect our country as we hold them all accountable for any regrettable situation that may take place, the letter reads.

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