Panamanian Committee assesses solidarity of Cuban health workers

Cuban health workers

Panama, Apr 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban health workers bring hope to other peoples, the Panamanian Coordinating Committee of solidarity with the Caribbean island stated, upon assessing the current gesture made by hundreds of members of the ‘army in white coats.’

The text recognizes ‘the expressions of gratitude, joy and hope around the world to the army in white coats, with which Cuba is assisting other peoples in these times of health crisis and offers decently its solidarity to save humanity.’

The document highlighted the generosity and greatness of spirit of the Cuban government and people, which rises above the selfish, hostile and illegal policy of the blockade the United States has maintained for more than 60 years, only to achieve its social revolution and demonstrating that a better world is possible.

Upon assessing the Cuban system, the Coordinating Committee highlighted that this ‘radiant, but perfectible socialism, which many of our peoples aspire to for themselves, guarantees peaceful coexistence and harmonizes the capital with work, so that their wealth is shared with equity among its population.’

The document recognized that this distribution is carried out without distinction of race, creed or social background, and they considered it ‘inversely proportional to the unjust neoliberal system, which imperialism, better known as democracy, poses to us as a way of life.’


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