Over 9,000 Venezuelans Repatriated with ‘Vuelta a la Patria’ Plan

Caracas, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) Venezuela”s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that about 9,360 nationals returned to the country up to Tuesday a part of the ”Vuelta a la Patria” (Return to the Homeland) Plan, promoted by the Government.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted on Twitter that about 76 percent of Venezuelans returned by land, and other 24 by air supported by the Venezuelan state airline Conviasa.

The balance reflects that Brazil is where the largest number of nationals returned, with a figure amounting to 6,663 people, followed by Peru with 1,004, Ecuador 919 and Colombia 325.

About 186 also returned from the Dominican Republic, 171 from Argentina, 91 from Chile and one from Panama, the Ministry posted.

The government plan carried out until Monday about 25 flights, 10 of which from Peru, another 10 from Ecuador, two arrived from Argentina and Dominican Republic, respectively, and one from Chile.

Of Venezuelans repatriated, women make up 56 percent and men, 44. Meanwhile, 66 percent is adults; 15, adolescents; 11, percent seniors and 8 percent children.

The ‘Vuelta a la Patria’ Plan aims to support Venezuelans who emigrated, but those who after facing an adverse reality in other nations, now wish to return to Venezuela, to study, work for peace and socio-economic prosperity of the nation.

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