Over 240,000 Paraguayans Assisted by Cuban Miracle Mission

Asuncion, Feb 11.- The Cuban Medical Brigade working in Paraguay has assisted about 240,544 Paraguayans with modest economic resources to which returned or improved sight, it was reported today.

Since its establishment in 2007, the island’s Miracle Mission project is working at the Eye Center located at the Maria Auxiliadora District Hospital, in the department of Itapua, more than 400 kilometers of this capital.

Its work, recognized by the entities and population, is based on a great effort assisting patients from the country’s all regions and even some arrived in from nations of the area such as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay that needed it.

An analysis from that work, to which Prensa Latina had access, states that the medical group conducted during that time about 23,134 surgeries, and counted a total of 48,607 ophthalmological consultations.

But the work of the Brigade is extended in its limits and also totaled 24,388 Internal Medicine consultations and 46,201 in Optometry consultations, together with 27,280 laboratory researches, 39,165 postoperative consultations, and 31,769 researched cases.

Thus, the members of the group could count in these 12 months a total of 2,079 surgeries, along with 8,058 ophthalmological consultations, 2,299 internal medicine consultations, 4,916 Optometry, and 4,086 laboratory researches.

A plenary session to be held on February 21 by Cuban specialists will analyze the balance existing and according to Carlos Alberto Perea, head of the brigade, such meeting will be a propitious framework to adopt the necessary measures to raise quality of the work.

Government authorities, social coordinators from different regions, and Cuban ambassador Juan Domingo Astiasaran, will participate in such event. (Prensa Latina)

Radio Cadena Agramonte

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