Ortega: Nicaraguan Economy Returning to Normality After Unrest


Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega speaks to supporters during celebrations to mark the 39th anniversary of the “Repliegue”, July 7th 2018 | Photo: Reuters FILE

“The blow was hard and the losses huge, recovery will take time, but with the spirit of Nicaraguans we are confident that we will advance swiftly,” Ortega said.

August 1 (teleSUR) Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega says the country’s economy is “being reactivated” after the period of armed opposition back violence, which plagued the country since April.

Speaking at an event in the country’s capital Managua, honoring the 39th anniversary of the Air Force, he said: “There is an effort made by citizens to see how to return to normality. The blow was hard and huge the losses, recovery will take time, but with the spirit of Nicaraguans we are confident that we will advance swiftly.”

Ortega stressed that all the “Tranques” (highways blockades) have been removed and that municipal authorities are working to restore regional economies and tourism.

Comparing the violence the country had seen over the last few months to terrorism Ortega said: “It seems as if the influence of ISIS had come through the (social) networks to Nicaragua.”

“Then they danced, jumped and celebrated around the corpse (of dead police officers). It was pure terrorism,” Ortega said while stressing these kinds of acts were never employed by the FSLN during the revolution.

Giomar Irias, head of the Nicaraguan Institute of Municipal Development, also commented on the return of economic activity stating that 90 percent of the business inside the zones affected by violence were on course to return to normality. He also explained tourist had returned to Masaya and other coastal areas after the repair of 1,000 damaged business.

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