Opposition Candidate Says Cubans ‘Still Want Revolution’

Election officials count votes watched by the public at a polling station in Havana, April 19, 2015. | Photo: Reuters

“The vote was clean. The count was clean. The people don’t want change,” said opposition candidate Hildebrando Chaviano.

As millions of Cubans went to the polls in Sunday’s municipal election, two opposition candidates conceded defeat and recognized the will of Cubans to maintain their current political system.

“The vote was clean. The count was clean. The people don’t want change. They still want revolution,” said Hildebrando Chaviano, a lawyer who stood as a candidate for a local council in the capital of Havana.

Opposition candidates Chaviano, 65, and Yuniel Lopez, 26, did not qualify to head to a runoff vote, finishing fourth and third respectively in their districts.

Some 27,379 candidates were competing for 12,589 positions in the Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power. According to official figures, 7 million of the more than 8 million registered voters participated in this weekend’s elections.

Under Cuban law, candidates must be nominated from their community and do not have to have any political affiliation. Voting is done by secret ballot and the public can witness the count.

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