Old Trail School art teacher visits Cuba

Photo courtesy of Old Trail School

BATH — Old Trail School’s Middle School visual arts teacher Jeffrey Eason traveled to Havana in October as part of a National Art Education Association (NAEA) delegation.

According to Old Trail officials, the trip was part of the NAEA International Research in Art Education Program. NAEA guests met with representatives of the Cuban government to discuss educational policy, curriculum, assessment, funding, instructional resources and practices. The visits gave the American teachers a glimpse into the importance of the arts and the role they played in preserving Cuban culture, according to Old Trail officials. The teachers interacted with students, faculty and administrators of elementary and secondary arts education facilities as well as institutions of higher education preparing students for careers in the arts.

“The focus of our delegation was to learn as much as possible about Cuba’s visual and performing arts education,” Eason said.

One highlight of the Cuban experience included interacting with students of an after-school visual arts program which served special-needs learners, according to Old Trail officials. The experience also included a home visit to community project artist José Fuster during which Eason presented handmade cards made by Old Trail School sixth-graders as part of their Spanish class. Shown above right is Eason at Casa Fuster.

By Staff Writer, Akron.com

January 21, 2016

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