Obrador Reiterates No Change in Mexico’s Position on Venezuela: Non-Intervention

Mexico, Jan 28 (Prensa Latina) Mexico’s position on Venezuela is the same, we are not going to change from there because we are respectful of the no intervention principles and peaceful resolution of controversies, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reiterated Monday.

Mexico´s President, in his usual press conference at the National Palace, responding to a question about the Venezuelan case, said that his government´s official position responds to what has been applied for a long time in foreign policy.

They are basic principles and when they haven’t been applied, he explained, it hasn’t seemed right. The orientation for our officials is that we adhere to constitutional principles, to be very cautious in not meddling in other peoples’ affairs.

In that way, he clarified, we are also strengthening our sovereignty so that there is no foreign government or hegemony that wants to meddle in our internal affairs.

He explained these principles have come from the defeat of conservative forces in Mexican history, from the expulsion of foreign invaders, from the triumphal entry of Juarez with the liberal victory and the overthrow of conservatism.

They come, he reiterated, from the distant times in which it is reaffirmed that Mexico is a free and sovereign country, and from that memorable speech of Juarez that synthesizes our foreign policy between people and nations: ‘respect for the rights of others is peace’.

Some say, he said, that it is an outdated concept, that things have changed, but we consider it to be a current principle, and so much so that it is embodied in the Constitution’s Article 89 (X). We are going to continue to act that way, in that manner.

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