Obama Predicts Cuban Embargo Will “Inevitably” Be Lifted


President Barack Obama joined leaders from around the world on Monday, covering controversial topics like Cuba at the United Nations in New York.


The president arrived under very heavy security and spoke about various topics including the United States’ new relationship with Cuba and where it should go in the future.

“For 50 years the United States pursued a Cuba policy that failed to improve the lives of the Cuban people. We changed that,” said the president. “We continue to have differences with the Cuban government. We will continue to stand up for human rights but we address these issues through diplomatic relations and increase commerce and people to people ties.”

To cheers, the president predicted Congress would eventually vote to lift the embargo on the island nation.

“As these contacts yield progress, I am confident that our Congress will inevitably lift an embargo that should not be in place anymore,” said the president. “Change won’t come overnight to Cuba but I’m confident that openness, not coercion will support the reforms and better the life the Cuban people deserve.”

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