Nicaragua’s Authorities Report Damages to Health Sector by Violence

Managua, Jun 22 (Prensa Latina) The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (MINSA) today presented a report on the damage caused to the sector by criminal groups, promoters of a wave of violence unleashed in the country in the last two months.

Assault and kidnapping of a score of workers, destruction of medical institutions and ambulances; as well as the deprivation of access to health to the population, are among the main affectations registered in several municipalities.

Since April 18, violent groups opposed to the government destroyed five Minsa vehicles and stole another 12, including four ambulances.

In total, 56 of these were damaged, along with three mobile units, according to the Deputy Minister of Health, Enrique Beteta.

Likewise, the criminals looted a maternity home and two Local Systems of Comprehensive Health Care, and damaged the infrastructure of four hospitals, storming with firearms, according to police reports.

Five people died from the road blockades and at least 120 lost medical treatments such as hemodialysis, according to Bateta.

Many times, those criminals blocking roads do not allow sick people to go to central hospitals, finally causing those misfortunes, explained the Health Minister, Sonia Castro.

She added that the situation also affects medical care for children, the elderly, pregnant women and the chronically ill, as well as epidemiological and vaccination campaigns.

According to the Minister, the national dialogue is the only way to overcome the crisis in the country, and return peace, security and stability to families.

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